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    Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Center

    Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Center

    · In Service since over 15 years…

    · State of the art fully Ayurvedic Hospital

    · Built on International standards….

    Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Center is probably the first fully ayurvedic Hospital built on international standards. We provide scientific ayurvedic diagnosis and treatments for all acute and chronic diseases in this hospital. Panchakarma, the five major cleansing procedures described only by ayurveda are proving to be complete cure for major diseases including soriasis,, Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes etc. we have been doing this type of treatments since about a decade. Now these panchakarma facilities are also available in this hospital with ultramodern equipment.

    To help the patients in achieving disease free long life, we have worked hard to provide effective good quality health care facilities from ayurveda in this centre. We have tried to make available everything in ayurveda under one roof. Ayushree ayurvedic hospital and research centre is a unique blend of ancient wisdom with modern technology nicely combined together to give maximum benefit to the needy patients.

    Our Strengths

    · Scientific Diagnosis..

    · Genuine medicines…

    · Authentic Panchakarma therapy…

    · Strict adherence to Classics


    · Purely Ayurvedic Practice since 1992

    · Purely Ayurvedic Hospital since 2003

    · New centre functioning since 2010

    · Fully equipped Panchakarma centre

    · Internationally renowned Research Centre in collaboration with Institutes in Australia & Germany


    · Two International Conferences

    · Two National Workshops

    · 160 Clinical meetings

    Our Publications

    · Garbhasanskara – Book on Ayurvedic aspect of fetal and maternal well being

    · Ahaar Jidnyasa – Book on diet and health.

    · Ayurvediya Soundarya Shastra – Book on Beauty

    · Arogyadayee ganesh Pujan – Book on vedic Ganesh Puja and its relation to health

    · Arogya Hitaya – ayurvedic Bi-monthly regularly published since 2005