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    Free free free ...... Camp for Psoriasis diagnosis We have been practising the ancient science of Ayurveda for the last twenty five years.We have seen and treated thousands of patients suffering from various diseases right from simple acidity to variety of cancers.There are some diseases which respond easily to any medication or treatment given but some are very difficult to cure. All the skin diseases are generally time taking and become chronic in nature . They need long time treatment as their roots are thought to be deep inside our body. Sometimes they get cured but recur after some time. It's difficult to handle a skin disease by the patient as it spreads all over the body affecting the beauty of the skin.It gives bad impression and also an ugly look .The patient feels very depressed and avoids public interaction.So generally they are sick physically as well as mentally. Ayurveda, the original health science of India has a very good cure for such chronic illnesses. It includes all the possible ways to treat the patient internally and externally.We use pure herbal medicines to treat such patients.Panchkarma is a magical way of getting rid of any chronic disease.There are some body purification procedures which can clean the toxins responsible for various diseases .Wamana, Virechana, basti, nasya and Rakta mokshana are some of these procedures. We also advise the patients to have healthy diet and exercise. We have been treating the patients using all these tools and getting fantastic results through all these years.Here are some photos of the patients we have treated. If you have Psoriasis , then don't worry or hesitate, come and join our camp on 24th February to get rid of this unwanted ailment. Dr.Rajashree Kulkarni M.D.( Ayurveda) Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital Near Swami samartha kendra Behind Rathachakra society, Indira nagar Nashik Call ( 0253)2322100
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