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    Gluten - Facts from Ayurveda There are numerous posts circulating regarding gluten and many experts are advising to avoid wheat in our diet. This is not entirely correct as an Ayurvedic physician I would like to clear the misunderstanding surrounding wheat. Wheat is called as गोधूम in Ayurveda and is an extremely important ingredient that we should rather must have in our diet. It has excellent properties which can act as medicine and food and such qualities that are rarely found in other foods and herbs. It is one of the few food substances that are recommended daily for a long time for human beings across all body types, races, ages, ethnicity or regions. This is not true for majority of the food substances as one which is good for some one may be it is not good for other person. Ayurveda always recommends to consider following parameters while deciding what a person should include in his diet देश i.e region which we are living, काल or the season and time of the day also the body conditions, वय age, *अग्नि* the digestive capacity of the body, सात्म्य the habituality of a particular type of diet or a substance, वृत्युपायान् i.e. type of work we do for our living, प्रकृति or the body type etc. Diet according to Ayurveda is a dynamic decision which we need to monitor periodically if not daily. Some portion of the diet may remain fixed and some portion needs to be changed as per some of the parameters mentioned above e.g diet of summer season cannot be same as that of rainy season like wise the diet of a kapha prakruti person cannot be same to that of vata prakruti person, or a diet recommended to a patient of diabetes cannot be same to that of a patient of Arthritis etc. This is a complex subject having many angles that should be considered and can be a subject of series of lectures or articles, coming back to wheat, a lot is being talked about gluten and its bad effects on health which is not entirely true. The gluten related problems are mainly due to inability to digest wheat rather than the properties of gluten. The way we digest various foods has tremendously changed in these years and also the way we manufacture or produce and process these substances alai has a different effect on properties of these substances. Most important aspect is our lifestyle and its effect on our digestion and handling of various foods. To conclude please don’t consider wheat as bad it is extremely useful and is a must eat substance. It has a property of being जीवनीय which means enhancing the life span of each cell in the body. Gluten is one of the constituent of wheat and not the only one, lastly Ayurveda has recommended whole wheat which has different properties than eating extract or one ingredient separately so may be high ratio of gluten which is found in मैदा is bad but chapati or dalia is not वैद्य अभय कुलकर्णी एम.डी (आयुर्वेद) आयु:श्री आयुर्वेदीय हाॅस्पिटल व रिसर्च सेंटर 02532322100 9822537240 www.ayushree.com
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