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    Spondylitis and Ayurvedic Treatment at Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Centre Spondylitis is the swelling ( technically inflammation) of the vertebrae which causes severe back pain and inability to move walk or bend. The vertebrae are the chain of bony structures on the back side of the body and are collectively called as Spine. The vertebrae are interspaced by inter vertebral discs which are nothing but cushions made of cartilage, they maintain the space in between the two vertebrae so that nerves blood vessels etc. can easily pass through the spaces . These vertebrae are responsible for our erect posture. At the upper end they support the skull and at the lower end they connected to the legs by the hip bone. The weight of the body is transferred to the legs via vertebrae. They are important in every movement of our body like walking, standing, bending, turning etc. The muscles of the back, the chest and neck, legs etc. work in synchronisation with each other so that all movements are performed effortlessly and automatically, we are not aware in the normal course. It is when these vertebrae and the soft tissues like tendons, muscles, ligaments etc. get inflamed or injured or damaged when we start experiencing pain, stiffness and other symptoms. Sitting, standing or working in a wrong posture, travelling on un maintained two wheelers, excessive use of back muscles are the common causes. Generally pain killers are prescribed for such conditions which only help us to relieve the pain temporarily but do not do anything to treat the underlying cause of that pain, hence are of no use on the long run. There are different conditions like spndylosis which means degenerative disorders of vertebrae, spondylolisthesis which means displacement of vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Proper diagnosis of the conditions and ascertaining of the underlying causes are crucial for the successful management of such conditions. Dr. Abhay Kulkarni and Dr. Rajashree Kulkarni take all efforts required to make an Ayurvedic diagnosis of this conditions and recommend necessary Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurvedic treatments like Panchakarma and Marma chikitsa are prescribed for such conditions at Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre. They take care of the basic cause of such conditions and mostly all conditions are permanently resolved. The speciality of treatments at Ayushree is that patients experience instant pain relief. We invite you to consider this option before any surgery or intervention of the Spine. Dr. Abhay Kulkarni MD (Ayurveda) www. ayushree.com
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    Gluten - Facts from Ayurveda There are numerous posts circulating regarding gluten and many experts are advising to avoid wheat in our diet. This is not entirely correct as an Ayurvedic physician I would like to clear the misunderstanding surrounding wheat. Wheat is called as गोधूम in Ayurveda and is an extremely important ingredient that we should rather must have in our diet. It has excellent properties which can act as medicine and food and such qualities that are rarely found in other foods and herbs. It is one of the few food substances that are recommended daily for a long time for human beings across all body types, races, ages, ethnicity or regions. This is not true for majority of the food substances as one which is good for some one may be it is not good for other person. Ayurveda always recommends to consider following parameters while deciding what a person should include in his diet देश i.e region which we are living, काल or the season and time of the day also the body conditions, वय age, *अग्नि* the digestive capacity of the body, सात्म्य the habituality of a particular type of diet or a substance, वृत्युपायान् i.e. type of work we do for our living, प्रकृति or the body type etc. Diet according to Ayurveda is a dynamic decision which we need to monitor periodically if not daily. Some portion of the diet may remain fixed and some portion needs to be changed as per some of the parameters mentioned above e.g diet of summer season cannot be same as that of rainy season like wise the diet of a kapha prakruti person cannot be same to that of vata prakruti person, or a diet recommended to a patient of diabetes cannot be same to that of a patient of Arthritis etc. This is a complex subject having many angles that should be considered and can be a subject of series of lectures or articles, coming back to wheat, a lot is being talked about gluten and its bad effects on health which is not entirely true. The gluten related problems are mainly due to inability to digest wheat rather than the properties of gluten. The way we digest various foods has tremendously changed in these years and also the way we manufacture or produce and process these substances alai has a different effect on properties of these substances. Most important aspect is our lifestyle and its effect on our digestion and handling of various foods. To conclude please don’t consider wheat as bad it is extremely useful and is a must eat substance. It has a property of being जीवनीय which means enhancing the life span of each cell in the body. Gluten is one of the constituent of wheat and not the only one, lastly Ayurveda has recommended whole wheat which has different properties than eating extract or one ingredient separately so may be high ratio of gluten which is found in मैदा is bad but chapati or dalia is not वैद्य अभय कुलकर्णी एम.डी (आयुर्वेद) आयु:श्री आयुर्वेदीय हाॅस्पिटल व रिसर्च सेंटर 02532322100 9822537240 www.ayushree.com
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    Free free free ...... Camp for Psoriasis diagnosis We have been practising the ancient science of Ayurveda for the last twenty five years.We have seen and treated thousands of patients suffering from various diseases right from simple acidity to variety of cancers.There are some diseases which respond easily to any medication or treatment given but some are very difficult to cure. All the skin diseases are generally time taking and become chronic in nature . They need long time treatment as their roots are thought to be deep inside our body. Sometimes they get cured but recur after some time. It's difficult to handle a skin disease by the patient as it spreads all over the body affecting the beauty of the skin.It gives bad impression and also an ugly look .The patient feels very depressed and avoids public interaction.So generally they are sick physically as well as mentally. Ayurveda, the original health science of India has a very good cure for such chronic illnesses. It includes all the possible ways to treat the patient internally and externally.We use pure herbal medicines to treat such patients.Panchkarma is a magical way of getting rid of any chronic disease.There are some body purification procedures which can clean the toxins responsible for various diseases .Wamana, Virechana, basti, nasya and Rakta mokshana are some of these procedures. We also advise the patients to have healthy diet and exercise. We have been treating the patients using all these tools and getting fantastic results through all these years.Here are some photos of the patients we have treated. If you have Psoriasis , then don't worry or hesitate, come and join our camp on 24th February to get rid of this unwanted ailment. Dr.Rajashree Kulkarni M.D.( Ayurveda) Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital Near Swami samartha kendra Behind Rathachakra society, Indira nagar Nashik Call ( 0253)2322100